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LED lighting Conversions

Electrical utility bills are not getting any less expensive. However, electrical technology is becoming much more efficient. If you have not changed the lighting in your home, business or industrial lot to LED then you are spending more money than you should be on your utility bills.

LED Retrofitting for Homes, Businesses and Industries.

ITW Electrical Contractors PLLC can come to your property and perform an assessment on the cost of converting your lighting to LED and the amount you will save in the future if you decide to retrofit.

We will make a quick yet thorough inspection of the lighting both inside and outside, while focusing on the most effective way to save you money, both with our service and with the conversion to LED.

Benefits of LED Lighting Conversion

There are many benefits to LED lighting, all of which will save you money.

Long lasting and durable: Incandescent lightbulbs are fragile. If the filament or the vacuum seal is damaged then the light will not shine. LED lights last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours while the common vacuum bulb lasts a maximum of 2000 hours. Furthermore, LEDs are resistant to vibrations, impacts and shocks. That is why they are used in industrial machinery and underwater excavations.

Energy efficient: In comparison to traditional lighting, LEDs convert 80 percent to 90 percent of energy into light, instead of a measly 20 percent with incandescent bulbs. To put it another way, traditional lighting usually uses h 60 watt bulbs while the equivalent power would about 7 to 10 watts with LEDs. This means that the cost of operating an LED is 5 to 8 times less than the competition. Adding in how long they last, you save money by both using less energy use and buying fewer replacement bulbs.

No UV emissions: LEDs produce no ultraviolet light which means that your carpets and upholstery will last longer. UV light is the reason why the sun and other forms of light cause colors to fade. LED lights not only save you money on electrical bills but on eventual furniture replacement as well.

Design flexibility: Due to LEDs being adjustable, not only in illumination but also in color, they can offer more options to an interior designer than other lighting systems. A single LED can replace multiple incandescent lights in an area leading to even less energy usage and more savings.