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Industrial Electrical Services

The electrical systems of an industrial facility are extremely important. Without the right infrastructure in place, production comes to a halt. The experts at ITW Electrical Contractors PLLC understand this and that is why we have refined our ability to diagnose and efficiently repair industrial grade electrical issues.

As Master Electricians we are very efficient at reading electrical schematics. ITW will quickly look over your malfunctioning conveyor or other industrial components and tell you exactly what the electrical issue is, how we can fix it, and how to prevent the problem from occurring in the future.

Why Call ITW Electrical Contractors PLLC For Your Industrial Electrical Repairs

Owned and operated by Master Electrician Jarral Howard, ITW Electrical Contractors PLLC provides a skilled team that offers industrial electrical services for:

Allen Bradley PLC Programming/edits: Control solutions are as diverse as the industries they serve. However, even a small misstep in the programing or a slight change in the operating procedure can result in a stall in production. If you are facing issues or are looking to upgrade the programming of your Allen Bradely PLC, call us to make it right.

Conveyor Systems Repair and Installation: Whether it’s chute, wheel, roller slat chain or others, we can repair or install the conveyor which works best for your industrial facility. We recommend that you regularly check your business’ monthly energy usage as conveyors often continue to work effectively even when their energy efficiency has been severely reduced. If you find a spike in energy usage call us to perform an inspection.

Retrieval Systems: Quick access to stored materials is essential. Without it a business cannot get the work it needs done in a timeframe that is acceptable to the bottom line. If you have an automated guided vehicle to ferry goods to storage and back again, it needs to work perfectly. All it takes is one accident to set a schedule back by hours or even days. We can check the functionality of the system and the equipment to ensure that your retrieval system is working as it should.

Robotics: An intensely diverse field, our team has the knowledge and experience to inspect electrical hardware and programing to see why problems have occurred in the system. Whether they are for manufacturing or another function, we can diagnose, repair and maintain the electrical components and software.

Infra-Red Systems: Heating systems for curing, preparing or any other function goes through a great deal of strain every day. With so much energy being converted to clients.

New Circuit Installation: Are you planning on upgrading your facility? Call us to provide an estimate. We can also upgrade your panel to ensure the smooth running of your future operations.

These are just some of our specialties we perform as industrial electricians. If you have an electrical concern that is not mentioned here, please feel free to contact us.